SMSF Fundamentals

SMSF Fundamentals

SMSF Fundamentals is Heffron's first certified, online, self-paced course for practitioners in the SMSF industry. Ideal for those new to the industry, looking to refresh their skills, or wanting more of an understanding of why we do what we do. SMSF Fundamentals is is suitable for accountants, fund administrators, advisers, paraplanners and support staff.

SMSF Fundamentals is a nine-module course that you can complete in your own time, at your own pace:

1. What is super?

Full overview on what superannuation is, Government tax concessions, types of funds, regulations, choice of fund rules and more.

2. SMSFs

What is an SMSF? Who are they for? Who can be a member/trustee? Steps to setting up and how to roll over monies from other funds.

3. Contributions

What is a contribution? Who is eligible? Types of contributions, tax concessions and more.

4. SMSF Investment Rules

What restrictions apply? How and when can SMSFs borrow to invest? How to prepare an investment strategy.

5. Insurance

What types of insurance are permitted? Why people choose insurance in their super? How to structure insurance correctly.

6. SMSF Record Keeping

Record keeping requirements, financial statements - who needs to sign, reports, auditing and lodging tax returns.

7. Fund Tax Rules

How are super funds taxed? Common types of receipts and payments, accumulation funds verses pension funds, including segregation.

8. Paying Benefits

When can super be accessed? Lump sum versus pension. How are benefits taxed? What happens when you die? Death benefit nominations.

9. Super Strategies

A look at common strategies used to maximise tax benefits of super.

Priced at $880 Inc. GST for the full certification, it is also possible to complete individual modules from $88-154 Inc. GST per module. 

The first six modules of the course are now available, Register Now to get started.

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